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Terms of service

§1. Definitions

1.1. These regulations apply to the activities and services performed by the Service. In the context of these regulations:
- "Service" means an entity that provides electronic device repair services and other services specified in these Regulations.
- "Customer" is an individual or legal entity that uses the services provided by the Service, including placing orders for the repair of electronic devices or using other services offered by the Service.

§2. "Express Repair" Service.

2.1. The "Express Repair" service consists in prioritizing both the diagnosis and repair of the device. An additional fee of PLN 100 shall be charged for this service.
2.2. The "Express Repair" service does not guarantee the completion of the repair on the day the device is returned to the service. In case of cancellation of the repair, the fee for the "Express Repair" service is not refundable.

§3. Warranty

3.1. The Service provides a warranty for the services performed, and the warranty period is specified in the table of services, which is available on this website. The warranty begins at the time of delivery of the device to the Customer.
3.2. The warranty covers only the items included directly in the service performed.
3.3. The warranty does not cover:

  • damages of mechanical, chemical, or thermal nature (fractures, burns, etc.).

  • udamages resulting from improper use of the device and use of the device in improper conditions, in accordance with the conditions and actions listed in the warranty card of the device

  • consequences of unfortunate events such as fires, floods, etc. - parts on which the service serial numbers have become unreadable

  • any other damage related to improper installation, storage, maintenance and failure to comply with generally accepted rules for the operation of electronic equipment. This point also applies to damage caused by the customer's ignorance of the above-mentioned situations, for which the warranty does not apply.

§4. Liability of the Service Serwisu

4.1. The Service is not responsible for the effects of long-term processes that were not initiated by the actions of the Service. This includes, but is not limited to, mechanical stresses that cause damage over time, liquid left behind after flooding that causes failure after a period of time, cooling system inefficiency, etc.
4.2. The Service is not responsible for the effects of repairs carried out on its own or by another service.

§5. Warranty seals

5.1. The Service informs that any removal, damage or violation of warranty seals will result in immediate loss of warranty.

§6. Modifications during Repair

6.1. In the event of refusal or inability to repair, the Service reserves the possibility of issuing to the customer a device with slightly different symptoms than accepted. This is due to the specific nature of certain types of diagnostics, which may require the replacement of specific components. The customer hereby acknowledges this, and agrees to the above stipulation.

§7. Data Archiving

7.1. Before bringing the device to the service, the Customer is obliged to take care of archiving his data. The Service is not responsible for the loss of the Customer's data at any stage of work.

§8. Return of Parts

8.1. Parts replaced during repair can be returned to the customer only after a written request is made when returning the device to the Service. Otherwise, the Service has the right to dispose of these parts through recycling, disposal or destruction.

§9. Content and Programs

9.1. The Customer is responsible for all content of the device. The Service is not responsible for the content and programs, including illegal software, located in the memory of the device before it was returned to the Service.

§10. Preliminary Diagnostics Service Wstępnej

10.1. Initial diagnostics service is free of charge for the individual customer and is aimed at preliminary determination of the source of failure. The Service informs that this service may not detect all information about the failure, therefore, in consultation with the Customer, it may be necessary to later change the nature of the repair.
10.2 UThe preliminary diagnostics service is chargeable to the business customer, and its cost is PLN 147.60 gross (including 23% VAT).

  1. The amount of the diagnostics fee will be deducted from the final cost of repair if the business customer decides to undertake repair of the device.

  2. The fee for diagnostics is non-refundable if the repair is refused or the customer resigns from the service after the diagnostics has been performed.

§11. Complaints

11.1. After repair, the Customer may make a complaint within 72 hours. If the advertised device proves to be operational, the Customer will be charged a fee of 100 PLN for re-diagnosis. In the case of a complaint, which will result in new defects due to the fault of the Customer - see §3., in particular subsection 3.3. - the service warranty does not apply, and the repair will be carried out on his order after acceptance of its costs by the Customer.

§12. Storage of Equipment

12.1. The Service Department shall store the repaired device for a maximum of 21 days from the date of transmission of information about the completion of repair to the Customer. For each day beyond this limit, the Customer shall pay an additional fee of PLN 20 before taking back the device.

§13. Resignation from the Service

13.1. Resignation from the Service and request for surrender of the equipment, which is under repair, involves a fee of PLN 130, which is based on the actions already taken to perform the repair.
13.2. Cancellation of the Service and request for surrender of equipment that is waiting for replacement parts, involves a fee of 60 PLN, and full compensation for the cost of parts.